Kids Consignment – Moxie Jean

Kids Consignment – Moxie Jean

kids consignment moxie jeanKids Consignment – Who doesn’t love a great consignment shop? Everything for Baby Online Welcomes our 57th Store, Moxie Jean!

Kids grow so fast, sometimes they don’t get a chance to wear the clothes they have. With that said, I think kids consignment shops are the best thing since sliced bread, maybe even the best thing since the wheel!

I’m actually surprised there aren’t more kids resale shops. Moxie Jean is one of the best kids consignment shops I have seen. Moxie Jean has a huge selection of kid consignment items along with baby consignment items.

Along with their huge selection, Moxie Jean has a hassle-free return policy! In the mood to sell your items, Moxie Jean will buy them from you. Check out there sight for more info!

If you are looking for a kids consignment shop Moxie Jean is one place you will want to check out.

Our mission at is to find the greatest Online baby shopping, put it on one site and organize it, making it easy to find what you need!


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