Paciplay Pacifier holders / Pacifier clips

Paciplay Pacifier holders / Pacifier clips

 pacifier holders Everything for baby online welcomes store #56 Paciplay. They could have named this Parent Sanity!
We have all been there, your driving and all of a sudden your baby’s pacifier drops, holy screaming! There is nothing you can do about it—

Babies can’t seem to keep a pacifier in their mouth for all the toys in ToysRUs! Fortunately, today with pacifier holders / pacifier clips parents don’t have to worry about this!

I wish they had these when my son was small. Maybe they did , maybe I just did not have the time to find them. I did have the time to continually search for lost pacifiers. I also had the time to cringe as I drove on the highway after he lost his and cried the whole way home. The good old days!

That is why¬† it is our mission to find the greatest stores and organize them in one place, creating the Ultimate Online Baby Shopping Guide, because we know you don’t have the time to search!

We love the pacifier holders / pacifier clips that Paciplay carries. Not only will your baby keep their pacifier, they will play with and teeth on the Paciplay pacifier holders! Non toxic and bacteria resistant!


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