What You Need for Your New Baby! The Ultimate Baby Checklist!

Must-HaveChecklistWhen I was pregnant I remember not having a clue what I needed for my baby on the way.  I remember, not only not knowing what I needed , but also thinking I needed everything.

Fast forward 8 years and I now realize that half of what I thought I needed for my  baby, I did not need at all.  But we all have to live and learn.

 I went to a baby shower yesterday and as my friend was unwrapping a truck of load of gifts, all I could think was, don’t need that, never going to use that and of course the  most common, cute but  never going to use. 

Anyway, for all you mommies to be, I have found the perfect list of what you need to bring home your new baby.  In fact our mission at Everything for Baby Online is to make mommyhood easier by saving you hours of searching. So we found you the ultimate new baby needs checklist!   And because you are a first time mommie – go ahead and get it all.  Some items you will use some you won’t. 

Remember this; all you really need for your new baby is love, diapers, food, a car seat and clothes!  The rest is what we think we need!  Thank you to Babies R Us for this list! (Click on image for all your bringing home baby necessities!) 

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