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We are so excited to share more about with you! Getting in on the ground floor is so exciting!

Our mission is twofold. 1- to become the #1 online shopping destination for all things baby/child related. 2 – to drive traffic to online baby/child stores and boutiques.

We know that searching for baby/child needs can be daunting, eating away valuable time.
By finding the greatest baby/child related shopping and organizing it in one place, we make finding baby/child necessities a snap!

We also know that baby/child related competition is fierce and that it is nearly impossible for smaller stores and boutiques to compete in the massive online marketplace. By joining forces we gain momentum and can achieve the 2nd part of our mission, to drive traffic to online baby/child stores and boutiques.

Think of as a co-op. We are a co-op in the sense that coming together we are working toward a common goal. Together we can achieve more!

We plan on adding over 500 stores along with services to our site. We plan on catering to multiple shoppers. We know that if we have stores that accommodate all baby/child related needs, along with appealing to multiple shoppers, people will be happy to return often and to refer friends and family.

Our Commitment

  • Maintain and update the Everything for baby online site.
  • Maintain and update social media outlets.
  • SEO / SEM

Your Commitment

  • Minimal monthly maintenance fee

Monthly fee Choice 1 – $30 a month (Pay for entire year and receive 2 free months) $300.00

This gives you a listing on our site without any work or promotion on your part.

Monthly fee Choice 2 – $20 a month (Pay for entire year and receive 2 free months) $200.00

You receive a listing on our site. You also promote your involvement with, this choice is less, but does require a bit of effort. If you like this choice, but find it a bit overwhelming, we are here to help! You promote your involvement with via:

  • Blog
    We will provide a blog, specific to your store, to post promoting your involvement with us.
  • Partner with us button
    We will provide you with a Partner with us button to place on your site.
  • Facebook
    Like us and link to us via posts on your FaceBook page.
  • Twitter
    Like us and Tweet about your involvement with
  • Pinterst
    Pin us!
  • Instagram
    Follow us and promote us on your instagram!

Once you have made your payments and/or promoted your involvement with us, your store will be added to our guide.

The above pricing is discounted. We are offering this pricing because we are new. This pricing will go away June 2016. All stores on board by June 2016 are guaranteed to never see more than 15% increase each year. Getting in early has its privileges!

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