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Wearing your baby promotes parent and baby bonding.

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Belle Baby Carriers offers eight stylish patterns, including carriers made of hemp / organic cotton fabrics. Unlike most other baby carriers and slings, the Belle allows direct contact between you and your baby. The baby is nestled directly against the parent without straps or fabric in between, allowing increased bonding and discreet nursing. More comfortable than a baby sling, the Belle baby carrier distributes your baby's weight to your hips, instead of your back and shoulders, and places your baby in a proper, ergonomic position that supports your baby's developing spine. With no extra bulk, Belle Baby Carriers are lightweight, cool in the summer, and easy to stow away. These baby carriers allow your baby to face toward you or away and are easy to use without any assistance. Every Belle baby carrier also comes with a lightweight detachable head support panel for additional head support if needed. The Belle Baby Carrier is ideal for infants 8-35 lbs.

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