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Find the Perfect Brands for Your Baby with Miny Moe's Sample Packs!

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Not sure which brand of diaper is best for your little one? Has your baby experienced a diaper rash or a diaper blowout with one brand and you don't want to commit to purchasing a bulk pack of a new brand you've never tried? Have a colicky baby and are not sure which pacifier will calm your baby best? Or perhaps mommy is the one with a leakage problem and isn't sure which nursing pad to go with. The number of choices available can be completely overwhelming and leave you feeling like it's one big game of eeny meeny miny moe!! That's where we can help!! Miny Moe will hook you up with a variety pack of various brands, helping you save time, energy, and money finding what works best for your family. Miny Moe was founded by Heather, a new mom who was herself frustrated with the above issues and ended up throwing out or donating many a diaper after trying out various brands. What works best for one baby may not cut it for another, and a brand or style that worked well in the previous size may no longer do the job when your little one starts growing! Heather hopes this sampler system will eliminate waste *wink* and help you find the best brands for you and your baby. Heather blogs at US-Japan Fam about being a new mom (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and raising a bilingual biracial dual-citizen child in New York City and serves as Associate New York Editor and Writer for Mommy Nearest.

Store Product Lines

Having a hard time choosing which products are best for you and your new baby when it comes to diapers, pacifiers, and nursing pads? Have no fear Miny Moe helps you sort through the sea of choices. With Miny Moes sample packs you can try a variety of brands without spending a fortune. Everything for baby online loves this! In fact Dori and I (Karyn) wish we had this service when our kids were born!