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The Largest Selection of Retro Candy on the Internet!

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Old Time Candy has one of the largest selections of retro Candy on the internet.  They have old time candy that span the decades starting before the 20’s and up to the 90’s. Give someone a box filled with their favorite childhood candy and you are not only giving the gift of candy, but the gift of a box filled with memories.  Candy turns everyone into a kid and what better gift to give.

Store Product Lines

Old Time Candy Roars through the decades with your retro candy favorites.  With a wide variety of old time candy – candies from before the 20 ‘s up to the 90’s – you are sure to find your retro candy favorites here. Let’s take a trip down candy from the past lane.
  • Let’s look at old time candy from pre 20’s.
Altoids, Anis Squares, Beemans and blackjack gum have been around since before the 20’s.  Oldies but goodies!  At Old Time Candy you will find a huge selection on Claeys Candy Old fashion candy drops. (lemon claeys candy, cherry claeys candy, watermelon claeys candy and green apple claeys candy) You will find the original Clark Bar along with Clark Bar Minis. Who remembers Crows Theater Box? Old Time Candy not only remembers Crows Theater Box they have it for you! Thanks to Old Time Candy you can enjoy Flicks chocolate wafers and Goo Goo Clusters. No matter what your Favorite  pre 20’s candy is you will find it here at Old Time Candy!
  • Let’s take a drive down Candy from the 20’s Lane!
Abba Zaba Bars – Taffy Filled with a rich creamy peanut butter center. Baby Ruth, BB Bats and Bit O Honey are oldies but goodies. Black Cow along with Charleston Chew were big candy items in the 20’s/ Chuckles, Bouble Bubble Gum and Goobers delighted children in the 20’s. The 20’s introduced the world to Jujy Fruits, Kits Taffy, Milk Duds, Milky Way , Mounds, Mr Goodbar and Oh Henry – what a decade of candy.
  • Here comes the 30’s let’s take a right onto Fun Retro Candy Lane!
The 30’s Brought a wonderful selection of candy and gum!  Find your favorite Old candy from the 30’s here at Old Time Candy. Big Hunk and Big Cherry.  Enjoy the original Boston Baked Beans.  Candy buttons made their way onto the scene this decade and have remained a favorite!  Chick o sticks and Chick o sticks sugar free can be found along with Chowards scented  gum and Chowards Violet mints. The original red hots and red raspberry hots.  Remember these – Sky Bar, Sugar Babies, Sugar daddy and Zagnat? Get them all at Old Time Candy.
  • Welcome To Candy of the 40’s Boulevard.
Introducing Almond Joy, Bazooka Bubble Gum and The Bubble Gum Cigar!  Naturally with bubble gum cigar came candy cigarettes.  Welcome Dots, Jolly Rancher, Smoothie, M&M, Red Vines licorice, Rain Blo Gum and Whoppers.
  • Candy of the 50’s Drive!
Enter the Atomic Fire Ball, Beer nuts, Black Jack Taffy, Bonomos Turkish Taffy and Bubble Breakers. We saw the candy necklace for the first time – still a favorite among children today. Fizzie drink tablets were a big item of the 50’s, they are back but a bit healthier than original. Find all your Fizzie drink flavor favorites!  Hot tamales also made their debut in the 50’s.
  • Peace love and Candy of the 60’s Lane.
The 60’s brought with it a great mix of candy. We said hello to the 100,000 grand Bar, Broadway Rolls – also referred to as Danish Ribbons or Delfa Rolls.  The candy watch was first seen in the 60’s along with tiny  Chichlets gum, cinnamon toothpicks and flipsticks. We said hello to Fruitstripe gum, Good and Plenty, Lemon Heads, Mike & Ike, Joly Joes, Now and Later, Pixy Stick and Razzles – What a selection of 60’s throw back candy.
  • Candy of the 70’s Blvd.
Who remembers the first time they dove into a bag of Andy Capps Cheddar Fries? If you remember Pop Rocks,  Appleheads, and Bottle Caps you definitely grew up in the 70’s! Then came Bubble Yum, Bubblelicious, and Freshen up gum.  Who got caught chewing these retro gums in school? Hubba Bubba, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Laffy Taffy and Lik – M – Aid all introduced themselves in the 70’s. As if Pop Rocks weren’t enough remember Zotz Candy, the hard cand with fizz in the middle.
  • 80’s Candy Lane
So we all know the 80’s brought big hair but what some of you may not know is that the 80’s also brought big gummy bears – a 5 pound gummy bear!  Why – well most likely the same reason big hair was here – we just can’t remember why at this point.  Any way you can still find these giant gummy bears at Old Time Candy. Big League Chew, Cow Tails , Cry Baby extra sour bubble gum were all big hits in the 80’s/ If you were a kid in the 80’s Nerds, Push up pops, Runts, Skittles, and Sour Patch candies were probably on your fav list. Of course with all the other excess of the eighties it isn’t surprising that we say Mega Smarties introduced.
  • Not so exciting Candy of the  90’s Lane
By the 90’s we had most of the candy needed.  There were a few newbies but not many. Bubbaloo, Cry baby mini sour drinks, Sour Punch Straws and War Heads came onto the scene.